Tiger & Princess

Tiger and Princess are two elderly cats (brother and sister born in June 2000) who had lived in the same loving home since they were just 6 weeks old.  When their person, Tony, was diagnosed with brain cancer, he became too ill to care for them any longer.  After his doctors gave him just one month to live, Tony knew he had to move quickly to find another place for his beloved cats.  If they were in safe, loving hands, he knew he would be able to spend his last days in peace.

One of his many phone calls was to Cats In Need Diamond Bar.  We took his call with good news -- we just happened to have two available cages in the Adoption Center at the PetSmart where we are located.  A few days later, Tiger and Princess moved in.

And Tony couldn't be happier.  His final wish had been granted and his two precious cats would now be taken care of.  His brother, Andrew, checked in every few days to see how Tiger and Princess were doing.  Any news he received he immediately passed on to Tony.

Almost exactly one month later, Tony passed away.  He had been fighting cancer for almost 3 years, and he couldn't go on any longer.  Family and friends were at his side when he passed, including his brother.  Andrew reports that Tony's last words were "Tiger and Princess."  He was thinking about his dearly loved cats to the very end.

Tiger and Princess have now been with us for a year, and are still living in our Adoption Center.  Recently, they have developed some "old-age" medical issues.  Of course these problems have been taken care of at our vet, but we personally feel that part of the problem is that they are depressed.  These seniors shouldn't be living in adoption center cages.  They deserve to be in a home surrounded by a loving family, with a soft couch or warm beds to curl up on.
Two weeks ago, Tiger and Princess were moved to a foster home.  They are enjoying being out of a cage, and will be lovingly cared for until a permanent home is found.

You can see all their pictures on their Photo Album page or view their home movies from their Videos page, and follow their journey on their Blog page.
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