2013 Fundraiser

2012 Fundraiser

Another Successful Fundraiser!
Our 4th Annual Spaghetti Dinner & Silent Auction Fundraiser was a huge success (again)! The turnout was great, and special thank you's to everyone that supported us. Because of your generosity, we raised almost $5,000 to help provide vet care for our rescued cats and kittens. Everyone had a good time, enjoyed a great spaghetti dinner, and many took home awesome silent auction/ opportunity drawing items.
 We hope to see you next year!

See pictures of 2012's fundraiser dinner

The fundraiser proceeds are already being put to good use.
Bo Peep (one of the "Toy Story" kittens) has been at the emergency vet for the past 2 days. She came in with an injured front paw and overall just not looking good. During the exam, the vet didn't like the way her tummy felt, so little Bo Peep not only got an xray of her leg, but one of her abdomen as well. Turns out Bo Peep's leg looks okay, but she had a hernia that needed immediate repair. When her temperature started to go up, they decided to keep her. Which was a good thing, since her temperature continued to climb to almost 106 degrees -- which is dangerously high, especially for a tiny kitten like Bo Peep! They suspected she also had a viral infection, and began giving her fluids and antibiotics.

Just last night, Bo Peep's temperature stayed normal long enough for her have the hernia operation. Her infection also seemed to be under control, so she was sent home with antibiotics.

If she's well enough, Bo Peep (and the rest of her litter) should be at our adoption show this weekend, held at the PetSmart in Walnut (corner of Grand Ave. & Valley Blvd.) from 11am to 5pm. We would love to see you there!

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