Tiger & Princess: Blog

3/4/2012 - Sunday
Tiger & Princess just moved into my foster home.  As soon as they were released from their carriers, they explored every inch of their new environment.  And then they proceeded to hiss at the other cats (and each other).  Of course they will be scared for a while -- they lived with the same person for 11 years, then they lived in a cage for a year, and now they've moved again.  Any change is hard on a cat, but especially the seniors (Tiger & Princess are 12 years old).  I love that they are here and out of a cage.

3/6/2012 - Tuesday
Tiger & Princess are getting a little more comfortable.  Princess hides under the bed for the most part, but is the first one in the kitchen for mealtimes.  She is drinking water and using the litterbox, so I know she's okay.  She just needs more time to adjust.  Tiger, on the other hand, had no problem adjusting -- to the couch.  The back of the couch, on the cushions, snuggled on the throw -- it doesn't matter where it is; he just loves to be on the couch.  Nice soft place for his older bones.  They both purr like crazy and love, love, love pets.

3/9/2012 - Friday
Well, it seems Tiger & Princess have settled into a routine.  Tiger wakes me at 6am on the dot with a loud meow in my face (prompted by his sister, Princess, no doubt).  Then they impatiently wait while the chores are done and (finally!) it's time for breakfast.  Tiger eats just a little bit of wet food, while Princess devours her bowl then begs for seconds.  In the meantime, Tiger is busy pawing at the drapes at the bay window.  He loves to have the curtains wide open with the bright morning sun shining in, then lay on the back of the couch to soak in the rays.  Is this what he was day dreaming about all those months in a cage?  Princess prefers to spend her day on the second tier of the 5-foot-tall scratching post that is next to the front door.  When the door is open, she has the perfect view of all the birds that are out in the courtyard (and the occasional squirrel).  She sits for hours bird watching and sniffing the breezes that blow her way.  I'm thrilled that they are both getting more comfortable.

3/13/2012 - Tuesday
Not only does Tiger wake me in the morning, he also lets me know when he's ready for bed.  Tiger sleeps with me every night, either pushed up against my side, snuggled next to my leg, or under the covers down by my feet.  So, when he's tired and I'm still working at my computer, he comes and puts his two front paws on my chair and meows very loudly.  Then when I get up to go to bed, he races me to the bedroom.  That boy loves to snuggle!
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