Carson was rescued from a parking lot behind a medical building when he was about 5 weeks old.  He was dehydrated and severely anemic due to flea infestation, and immediately rushed to our local emergency veterinarian.  When they tested his PCV level (that's the amount of red blood cells in his total blood volume), it was at 8%.  The normal level should be 40% in a cat -- 20% needs a blood transfusion, organ damage can occur at 12%, and under 9% there is usually no viable life.  It's safe to say that Carson was within hours of dying.  Carson was given an immediate blood transfusion, fluids and medications.  After 5 days and nights at our emergency vet and day vet, he came home.  In a loving foster home with one of our volunteers, he has thrived.  We call him our miracle kitten.  He is friendly, social, and purrs, purrs, purrs.

Carson was doing great, and at 11 weeks old, he went to the vet to be neutered and blood tested.  When he tested positive for feline leukemia, we were stunned.  He looks perfectly healthy and is an active kitten.  This diagnosis seems so unfair considering that he overcame some incredible odds just to survive.

Because feline leukemia is highly transmittable to other cats, Carson needs a home where he is the only cat or else be with another FeLV+ cat.  (He may even be fine with a dog.)

Carson was born in mid-May 2011, so he's still young.  Since his diagnosis, he has been separated from the other cats in his foster home, and is living in a room by himself.  His foster mom gives him lots of love and attention, but he misses the other cats and needs to have a place of his own where he can roam freely.

Carson likes playing with toys.  He likes to be petted, and also to play frisky-like with you.  And he's just generally a character and a lot of fun.

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Carson was adopted in July 2012. His new guardian, Brenda, has a 5 month old kitten at home who is also feline leukemia positive, so Carson will have a playmate.

Sadly, Carson was in his new home for only one month before he unexpectedly became very ill and passed away. Though he lived a short, tragic life, Carson seemed truly happy each and every day (especially his last 30). And we were all truly blessed to be loved by this awesome cat who taught us about strength and perseverance.

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